Coral Partners History

Coral Partners History
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The History Of Coral Partners

Coral Partners Nova Ray ROV Patent Drawing

How It Began

Marc Geriene and his brother Krist Geriene became light aircraft pilots when they were teenagers and became commercial divers in 1978, specializing in colonial period shipwreck search and recovery. This began their love affair with our underwater world, and an instictive understanding about hydrodynamic control

Corporate History

Nova Marine Exploration Inc. (Washington State) was founded by Marc and Krist in January 1992.

  • International shipwreck research and recovery in the Bahamas and Philippines
  • Leased and purchased submersible remotely operated vehicles (ROVs).
  • Began designing and building ROVs in 1995.
  • First Nova Ray ROV working model completed in 1998.
  • First Nova Ray “arcuate wing” patents filed in 1999, granted in 2001.
  • First Nova Ray commercial production model completed September 2003.

Nova Ray Inc. (Washington) in 2003 to commercially produce the Nova Ray ROVs.

  • By 2007, at least 9 US and foreign patents were granted for the Nova Ray IP.
  • Over US$3.5M in development costs invested in the Nova Ray ROV Project.
  • Nova Ray, Inc. was assigned 100% of the Nova Ray IP by the inventors Marc and Krist Geriene.

Advent Marine Technologies Inc. (AMT US) incorporated in Washington State in 2007

Advent Marine Technologies, Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia) founded in 2008 by AMT US.

Coral Partners, LLC (Washington State) assumed liabilities and assets of AMT (US) and continued developing the Nova Ray IP.

  • Nova Ray Inc. and Advent Marine Technologies intellectual property folded into Coral Partners.

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A Brief Look Backwards In Time

Industry Partners and Clients

  • Petronas – 2009, technology transfer completed 2015

  • Sampling of Marine Services Nova Ray ROV Sales

    • Estudio ITAC S.L. purchased Nova Ray system in July 2004, for environmental marine surveys of the Canary Islands. They also acquired the ESRI software for mapping.
    • W & W Marine in Tampa Bay, Florida
    • Melsmore Marine Nigeria Limited
  • Sampling of Oil/Gas Services, Gulf or Mexico Clients

    • Trunkline
    • Southern Gas
    • Marathon Oil
    • Epic Diving
    • Transcanada
    • Piedmont Natural
    • Pyburn
    • ES&H
    • YellowFin
    • Tecnip
  • Government and Military

  • SPAWAR – US Navy Space & Naval Warfare Agency – Hulsfest 2006, Nova Ray competed successfully against all major ROV brands represented.
  • U.S. Navy Office of Naval Research and NOAA – search for the Civil War Submarine Alligator – 2004 – Nova Ray loaned to Navy for maximum search efficiency coverage. [LINK]

University Partners

  • SCRIPPS Institute in La Jolla, CA – the First Nova Ray ROV for academic research, 2003.
  • East Carolina University – 2004 Kadyak (Russian Colonial Period trading vessel), which sank near Kodiak Island, Alaska in the late 18th Century.  First Project of its kind to use the Nova Ray ROV.
  • East Carolina University and NOAA – 2005 the USS Alligator, the first US Navy Submarine which sank during the Civil War on April 2, 1863.  Second Project of its kind to use the Nova Ray ROV.
  • Seattle University – apprenticeship development program for the Engineering Department with the Nova Ray ROV in 2005.
Coral Partners Nova Ray ROV

The Nova Ray® Project

The Nova Ray Project, founded and managed by Marc Geriene and Krist Geriene, evolved from concept to commercial production between 1995 and 2002.  During the five stages of prototyping, the management team fulfilled its wish list to create a submersible remotely operated vehicle (ROV) with a superior physical design, durability, transportability and onboard digital communications for command and control.  The result was the only portable ROV that could be towed or work in a current of up to 10 knots and transfer seamlessly to its own thruster power for pinpoint surveys.  It was the first portable ROV to operate on a digital platform, complete with autopilot functions, which the team modeled after the unmanned military drone.  More than a dozen U.S. and foreign patents were granted to the inventors.  Total investment in development including patent filings totaled over US$3.5M.

Commercial Nova Ray models were introduced to the ROV market in 2003.  Sea trials for quantification purposes and continuing development took place between 2004 and 2007.  During the same period of time, several international clients were acquired with a specific focus on gaining feedback for valuation of the Nova Ray technology & market potential.

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