Coral Partners Leadership

Coral Partners Leadership
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Coral Partners Leadership

Throughout The Centuries There Were Men Who Took First Steps Down New Roads Armed With Nothing But Their Own Vision

Marc Geriene

Managing Director, Chief Executive Officer

Marc oversees all operations and is the Chief Operating Officer of of Coral Partners LLC.  He is primarily responsible for corporate strategy and international business development.

With over 35 years project experience, primarily in the marine industry, Marc has extensive experience in marine surveys, recovery operations, commercial diving, and Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) operations.  He has been an active participant and managed exploration and salvage projects in Asia, the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, South America and the United States.

Marc is a co-inventor of the Nova Ray® ROV, remotely operated, robotic vehicle, specifically engineered to overcome the challenges of Search and Survey in high current areas, and reduce the operational survey cost both in time and resources.  He shares credit with his brother Krist for acquiring eight US and International patents for ROV’s.  Marc is also the co-inventor of the Black Diamond ROV™ and HydroSail AeroSub™, to be launched in 2017.

In 2008, Marc was responsible for generating a 3-year, multi-million dollar Nova Ray® technology transfer and Joint Venture with PETRONAS, the National Oil Company of Malaysia.

He and his wife balance their lives between their two homes in Seattle and the Philippines.

Krist Geriene

Managing Director, Chief Technical Officer & R&D

Krist oversees all technical, manufacturing, and research and development operations of Coral Partners LLC. including engineering development and field-testing activities, customer support and planning for all remotely operated vehicle projects.

With over 35 years experience in the marine industry, Krist has extensive experience in marine surveys, recovery operations, commercial diving, and Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) operations.  He brings this experience into designing and building remotely operated vehicles.  He and his brother Marc have designed or lead design teams in the development of ROV’s since the Nova Ray in 1995.

Krist is a co-inventor of the Nova Ray ROV with his brother Marc with whom he shares recognition for eight US and International patents.  During the Joint Venture with PETRONAS, he managed the research and development of deep-water iterations of the Nova Ray as well as the technology transfer protocol.  He is experienced in ongoing development, manufacturing requirements and specifications for new technologies.  He has assembled the engineering teams for all the ROV designs.

Robert Veal

Director Technology Development and Transfer

As Project Director, Rob provides technical research and development planning leadership, which will include coordinating and supervising technological advances, overseeing all patent and other intellectual property filings, and providing technical support for all expedition projects.  Rob has over 25 years in the commercial software and robotics industry, including technology acquisition and project management. He is highly proficient in all facets of project architecture, software design and development lifecycles, including device drivers, micro and mini controllers as well embedded operating systems. He is the developer of the onboard control software and the pilot user interface for the Nova Ray. Rob is highly versed in C/C++, Unix/Linux, SQL, HTML, PHP, WordPress and a vast list of rarely used or soon to be extinct, other computer languages. Rob holds an AAS Degree in Advanced Digital Electronics from North Seattle College.  Prior to working with Marc & Krist Geriene on the Nova Ray in 2003, Rob worked at Microsoft Corporation for 11 years as a Software Design Engineer. Working on OS/2, Windows, The Microsoft Network and other projects in the Operating Systems Division.

Sinjin Smith

Director Marine Applications

As a creative multi-discipline engineer and scientist, Sinjin has helped to pioneer several innovations including: extended range 802.11 communication systems, brackish water hydroponics for mortality reduction of transplanted Rhizophora mangle (Red Mangroves), pressure independent underwater systems, miniaturized flight control systems for autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles, bee mortality mitigation methodologies, multi-functional structural circuits, biometric authentication, hybrid power systems, and has several other new concepts.  He holds many existing patents worldwide and is continuously striving to produce more.  He is currently the Executive Director of OASES Inc., a non-profit scientific research and educational organization focused on preserving and restoring oceans and the environment through innovative methodologies.  He has also been a managing partner in several limited liability companies, an ocean engineering consultant for over 20 years, and worked for a government contractor in classified and unclassified technology development and strategic roadmaps and planning.  He holds Bachelor of Science degrees in Mathematics and Physics and a Master of Science degree in Ocean Engineering.

Leng Tshua

Managing Director, China and Asia Pacific Region

A global strategist and corporate advisor with 24 years proven records on international branding; Leng Tshua specializes in marketing top tiers cultural institutions and luxury brands worldwide. His innovative programming skills are custom fit to clients’ needs, to quickly engage targeted market segments and to stimulate new sales increase to hedge competitive profitability for sustainable long term growth. With successful field-tested practice covering a diverse cross-section of world market, many of Leng Tshua’s creative initiatives today continue to serve clients spanning over 18 countries between North America, Europe, China, Japan and the Asia Pacific region. Leng Tshua is the consummate collaborator of Luxury Marketing Worldwide.

Leng holds an MBA: Strategic Planning and Marketing in High Net Worth Consumer Group William Steinway University – New York. As Chief Marketing Officer, he brings vision and dedication building the Company Brand through product visibility and highly-targeted online and offline marketing strategies. He is experienced in public relations, relationship building and management, including sales and lead generation. He excels at creating and implementing effective promotions targeting specific audiences.

Leng’s coverage crosses traditional disciplines and includes environments, products and communications in USA, Canada, Germany, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Brunei, New Zealand and Australia.

He is fluent both spoken and written in Mandarin, other Chinese dialects including Cantonese, Teochew and Hokkien in Southern provinces of China, as well as in Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.  He is an expert in Asian etiquette and customs, effectively bridging commercial and cultural crossover for business enterprises between Asia, Europe and North America.

Shirley Zhang

Executive Director, China Business Relation

Shirley is an influencer in the community of Chinese business development since 1998 and is one of most effective specialists in the US/China investors network. She has been involved in pioneering Chinese marketing in USA with her husband Leng Tshua for the last 15 years and introduced with critical success multiples luxury marketing platforms catered to bridge US retailing for mainland China. Shirley Zhang is instrumental in securing funding from China for various international projects with Coral Partners LLC.

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