Coral Partners Overview

Coral Partners Overview
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Coral Partners LLC Overview

Company Overview

Coral Partners, LLC incorporates an experienced team of technology experts and international banking and marketing professionals with a successful track record of patenting and monetizing intellectual property through international technology transactions.  In addition to the existing Intellectual Property (IP) developed by the Company, Management is active in new technology innovations, as well as the acquisition of other patents and technological know-how through an option, or deposit program.  Coral Partners’ primary business model is to develop its own products and international technology license-transfer opportunities from sources in North America to acquisition clients in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

The objective of Management is to leverage its expertise in the development and license of patented technologies through Coral Partners (Worldwide) to monetize each of the intellectual properties it owns, develops or acquires through the license and transfer of protected technologies to institutions or companies primarily within the energy, marine services, port security, construction and related industries.

Coral Partners Patented Arcuate Winged Remotely Operated Vehicles

Primary Business Model

At heart, we are inventors and innovators.

We strive to invent new robotic vehicles and related, and sometimes unrelated technologies. Some of these we manufacture ourselves for our customers around the world, some we offer through intellectual property licensing arrangements.

Our business is focused on the creation and manufacture of the Nova Ray® family of underwater robotic vehicles, including the development of new models and component technologies. We are also focused on the licensing and transfer of our technologies and intellectual property.

International Technology Transfer – Transfer of Technology (TOT) is the assignment of technological intellectual property developed and generated in one place, to another through legal means such as technology licensing, or franchising.  In other terms, it is the process of converting scientific and technological advances into marketable goods or services.

The financial model of Coral Partners is driven by the successful manufacturing and sales of our patented ROVs and placement of IP, some may be submitted by inventors and patent holders, acquired by the licensees or franchisees of the technologies, generating consulting fees, percentages of transactions and in some cases, equity.  Coral Partners will focus on cases where the management believes the intellectual properties are significantly undervalued, based upon their applications and geographical location.  Submissions for TOT will be acquired through options, Memorandums of Understanding, or Contracts providing exclusive access within a defined application, market or geographical area; however, Management may decide to make direct purchases of some technologies where the greater opportunities heavily outweigh the relative risks, buying through Coral Partners.  In addition to the technologies listed below, Coral Partners is currently accepting “depositors” of IP in the form of patents and proprietary know-how for review for international acquisitions.

Strategic Alliances

The unique relationship between Coral Partners and its global partners & contacts functions as an international transactional bridge for clients on all sides of the globe.  While Coral Partners may enjoy the advantages of “cherry picking” emerging technologies in regional Intellectual Property incubators, such as the University of Washington Applied Physics Lab, Stanford Research Institute, MIT and several universities in Florida, California and New York, we are also free to engage with investors and acquisition clients that prefer the banking and tax atmosphere of Singapore.

This approach allows Coral Partners to maintain its objective of building an inventory of new intellectual properties for “deal-flow” to clients, while avoiding the drain of early stage financial resources from developing patented technologies for the market, as well as financing the IP transactions. The net result is greater satisfaction for clients and more successful transactions with increased projected profitability to the investors.

The pursuit of investors who will become clients and vice-versa promotes an environment of network-building strategic relationships with institutional clients as well as individual participants.

Coral Partners LLC
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