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Project Description


September 2, 2004

Undersea Exploration Tools: Remotely Operated Vehicle

To get a closer look at, or “ground-truth,” anomalies identified through either the side scan sonar or the magnetometer, the 2004 Hunt for the Alligator expedition team will use a remotely-operated vehicle (ROV). An ROV is a vehicle or platform that is placed in the water and controlled from the ship. ROVs can be fitted to include sample collectors, manipulator arms, video and still cameras and lights. ROVs are generally powered by thrusters, providing directional control. For the 2004 search, the team will use a Nova Ray ROV, which can either be towed or use its own propulsion system. The Nova Ray is equipped with a duel-frequency side-scan sonar, video camera and lights and a manipulator arm for grasping small objects.

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